About me

Hello everyone, my name is Elizabeth Martin. I am one of the executive chefs in a very famous Washington DC restaurant. My main hobby is to complement different dishes with fresh herbs which I grown in my garden. I do all this personally because this is the only way I can ensure the best quality of herbs.

young happy woman enjoying while making bruschetta kitchen

I learned everything about growing basil, mint and other herbs through many years of practice. Therefore, I want to share my knowledge and secrets with the rest of the world in my blog. I dream of publishing my book one day on growing herbs at home.

In my blog, I will share the features of growing herbs. Yes, I will teach you how to choose the soil, containers, and seeds, and how to plant. However, I also want to share my best recipes for various dishes you can cook from improvised means to please the family.

I recently discovered that my blog helps my friends, friends’ friends, and many restaurant visitors. It is inspiring! I hope my tips will be helpful to you and that you can feel like a real gardener and top chef in the kitchen. I will be happy if you want to share some of your recipes or secrets for growing greens.

Feel free to write your suggestions and opinions in the comments. Believe me, I always take everything written into account. I hope we become true friends.

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