How long does fresh rosemary last?

Oh, how excellent this rosemary is! Isn’t that right? His smell in the food beckons… Let’s learn more about these miracle herbs.

If you are concerned about how long rosemary last, and how to increase its arrival in fresh form, then this article is for you! We have collected only the most interesting and important information that you should know.

And if you want your house to smell delicious, rosemary will help you! Take bunches of lavender, rosemary, and of course thyme and put them on cheesecloth, cut into 4-inch squares, in the very center. Gather the corners and tie small enough bundles, and close them with tape. Next, put these bundles between the bedclothes, so your underwear and the whole room will emit a pleasant aroma!

how long does fresh rosemary last

What is rosemary and how was it used?

Rosemary has an incredibly interesting and great history for the herb. Rosemary was so named because the rosemary plant was originally found near the ocean, and in its translation, it means “sea dew”. It is considered a symbol of friendship, loyalty, and memory, and is also claimed to have magical properties.

Where is rosemary used?

  • Weddings

Oddly enough, in addition to edible purposes, it is also used in other directions. So, for example, at weddings.

Often in the bride’s bouquets, you can see fresh rosemary, which harmonizes with the other flowers.

Gilded rosemary sprigs were often used as a gift.

  • Search for second halves

Rosemary and thyme were even used for such purposes! They were used on the eve of the night and the day of St. Agnes since Agnes was the patroness of virgins and young girls who had not yet married.

  • Tools

In the 17th century, in places where rosemary plant grew into large plants, musical instruments and many other instruments were made from them. The French claimed that if you comb your hair with a rosemary comb 1 time a day, it will prevent dizziness.

  • Treatment and saving memory

Rosemary has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Most often it was added to teas for muscle pain, and to strengthen immunity and blood circulation. It is a good source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. Rosemary tincture also helps with hair growth! It stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp very well and it is also used to grow long hair, as well as to prevent the process of baldness.

Rosemary oil can slow down the process of graying hair, also has the property of giving them shine, helps prevent and reduce the appearance of dandruff, and this is what makes it a wonderful tonic suitable for the health and beauty of hair.

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How long does rosemary last? How to store it?

So, we have moved on to the most important question, the answer to which we are all gathered here. There are 2 variations of using and storing rosemary.

Fresh rosemary

If you use rosemary daily for cooking, then the most convenient option for you is to use freeze-fresh rosemary sprigs. But this is also a minus for someone because fresh rosemary has a shorter shelf life.

  • How long does fresh rosemary last?

Fresh rosemary lasts for up to two weeks and can be stored for up to two weeks, but only if you follow the storage rules about fresh rosemary lasts: fresh rosemary should be wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel and stored in a resealable freezer bag.

If you do not give the value to a damp paper towel and skip this step, the storage time will be halved.

And if you leave extra rosemary at room temperature, it will soon wither and will not be suitable for cooking.

But if you are unsatisfied with such a short shelf life, you can resort to the decision to dry rosemary. It is quite easy to do this. You can dry fresh rosemary leaf in the air, if conditions allow you, and then use a dehydrator or oven for further preparation of rosemary.

  • How to store fresh rosemary?

In order for rosemary to last you longer, store it in a wrapped wet towel in a resealable bag. Well, if you need it to last only a couple of days, then you can do without a wet paper towel.

  • Is it possible to freeze fresh rosemary?

Rosemary is a cold hardy herb. If two weeks of storing fresh herb in the refrigerator is not enough for you, then there is an option of freezing herbs.

  1. Wash and dry.
  2. If you want, then remove the rosemary leaves from the rosemary sprigs.
  3. Put it in a resealable plastic bag.
  4. Freeze.

Frozen rosemary will last you as long as you wish. Now, for convenience, you can even freeze rosemary in ice. That is, in the future, use rosemary ice cubes, which will be stored in an ice cube tray. Ice cube tray will also not take up much space.

How can you determine whether rosemary is harmful or not?

The fresh herb can become soft and lose its green hue if stored for too long or in unsuitable conditions. And if the sprigs wither, and acquire a brownish hue, then it’s time to remove the rosemary sprigs.

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Dry rosemary

Dried rosemary leaves in an airtight container or in a tightly sealed container is a great solution if you don’t use it as often. And dried rosemary is also a great option for those who don’t want to keep it in their refrigerator and waste time freezing.

If rosemary spoils very often, then we strongly recommend switching to dry grass. It will be more convenient for you.

How long can dry rosemary be stored? Can it all go bad?

Dried rosemary retains its quality for up to 3 years. It does not spoil, but drying rosemary`s
aroma begins to fade over time, so dried rosemary, which has been stored for a long time, you will not be able to use for its intended purpose, that is, to give a smell.

In order to determine whether drying rosemary emits a fragrance, rub it between your fingers and smell it.

If rosemary still smells nice, then feel free to add it to the dish, and if not, then you can say goodbye to it.

How to store dried herb?

Store dried rosemary in a bag or jar in a cool, dark, and dry place. It is best to transfer the dried leaves to a glass jar or container.

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How do I store fresh rosemary?

In order to store rosemary for a longer time, moisten a damp paper towel and put fresh herbs in it. Store it in a plastic bag or airtight container in the refrigerator. Rosemary refrigerated! It must be chilled.

How long does rosemary stay fresh after cutting?

If you follow all the rules and nuances of storing fresh herbs, which we have indicated above, then rosemary will stay fresh for a long time.

Does fresh rosemary need to be refrigerated?

Fresh rosemary should not be left at room temperature. Fresh rosemary must be stored in the refrigerator under certain conditions. This is how you can extend its shelf life. And if fresh herbs are not stored in the refrigerator, they will cease to serve you for a long time and their shelf life will expire quickly.

Can you freeze rosemary for later use?

Of course, you can freeze rosemary to use it afterward. To do this, follow the steps for freezing fresh herbs that we wrote to you above.

What can you do with a huge amount of rosemary?

Rosemary salt.
Olive oil infused with rosemary.
Rosemary honey.
Rosemary jelly.
Rosemary skewers.
Vinegar infused with rosemary.

How do you preserve rosemary leaves?

You should store rosemary leaves exactly until the time when you need to use them. Since it is the rosemary leaves that give the dish flavor. Be sure to store rosemary in a dark, dry place. Store the leaves in a plastic wrap or jar. If there are no leaves, then it will off smell.

How long can rosemary be stored in olive oil?

Olive oil should be warm, but not boiling. Turn off the heat and let the rosemary infuse in olive oil for 1 hour. Then strain the contents into a bottle or any flask and store in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.


In conclusion, I want you to like our article. We really tried to squeeze out the most interesting and necessary information here. Now you have gained a lot of knowledge about rosemary and its storage. We hope that this information turned out to be useful for you. We tried very hard. We wish you success!

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  1. I want to add to the article and give some tips since rosemary grows in my garden and I use it quite often.
    I think a lot of people like to pair rosemary with meat, this is by far the best combination. But it can also be used in fish, vegetables, sauces, desserts, and even tea recipes!
    Instead of a damp paper towel, you can use parchment paper (moisten with a spray bottle) or a damp small towel. And you also put it in a plastic bag. But do not forget to periodically moisten the towel or paper and remove the blackened leaves.
    For rosemary, the main storage conditions are high humidity and a temperature not exceeding 5 ° C, which is observed in the refrigerator.
    Alternatively, you can simply place the rosemary branches in a jar of cool water, cover them with a plastic bag, and place them on the refrigerator door.
    But if you decide to do without a refrigerator, then rosemary branches can take root. In this case, wait until the roots are about 1.5-2 centimeters long and plant in the soil. By the way, this is a great way to keep rosemary fresh for several years.


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